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Skilled Trades Volunteer

Carpenters, plumbers, electricians, landscapers, and laborers support critical home and community repairs for our neighbors. Your donation of skills and experience allow us to leverage donations to triple the value of our work. Sign up to learn more and use your skills to serve!

Community Build Day General Volunteer

We host two community volunteer efforts per year during Spring and Fall Community Build Days. These days are focused on bringing neighbors together and creating an opportunity for our community to engage with important work that directly supports our mission!

She Builds General Volunteer

Join skilled tradeswomen and passionate women of your community during a She Builds community repair project! Our She Builds program is ran entirely by women and focused on serving women-focused community spaces and female-headed homes in our community.

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Associate Board

The Associate Board is a group of emerging young leaders who want to help the San Francisco community and grow their professional network. Together, in collaboration with the Governing Board, the Associate Board will serve as a gateway to engage talented volunteers, reconnect with alumni, and raise awareness among a younger generation to ensure the longevity and support of our organization. Each term is a 2-year commitment, and you should plan on spending 2-4 hours a month on board business. We intake new Associate Board members throughout the year via an interview process. To apply and learn more email [email protected]

Our Impact

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Impact Report 2023

Free critical repairs to low income households in San Francisco help residents avoid costly repairs and maintenance that could make it harder for them to afford their homes. Increased housing stability helps reduce displacement and homelessness, as well as the disparities in homeownership and wealth between white communities and communities of color.

In 2023, we worked with nearly 9,000 volunteers to provide repairs to over 200 homes and 350 residents and is a HUGE thank you to all our supporters like you!


Homes Served


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Volunteer Hours

Community Entities Served

In 2023, RTSF participated in a collaborative effort that repaired and renovated 10 community facilities in San Francisco. More than 90 volunteers came together to support connecting children with nature and elevating early childhood development centers during our annual Fall Build Days. At Family Connections, SHEBuilders learned new skills such as drilling using auger bits, pouring concrete, and using electric sanders. The Friends of St. Francis site fully removed the play structures ahead of schedule and completed the construction of a new sandbox! RTSF is proud to support these efforts to reduce disparities between access to nature across San Francisco.

2023 Goals for Community Facilities:

  • Providing childcare security that improves economic and housing stability for low income families and promotes children’s healthy development, safety, and long-term success
  • Transforming where children learn and play with sustainable materials that mimic outdoor spaces not usually available to the families we serve


Community Entities Served


People Impacted in the Portola, Excelsior, & OMI Neighborhoods


Children Served

Demographics of Our Neighbors Served

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Over 80% of the neighbors we support identify as people of color.

65% of the neighbors that we serve are senior citizens, 36% with disabilities, 58% in female-led homes, and 100% qualify as extremely low-income. In the past three years, 49% of the neighbors we have provided services to identify as Black or African American and 18% as Hispanic or Latino.

A map of the city of san francisco with all its

RTSF primarily serves under-resourced and excluded neighborhoods in the historically black areas in Southeast San Francisco.

The neighborhoods we see a lot of requests for repairs from are largely the Bayview-Hunters Point, Visitacion Valley, Excelsior, and OMI neighborhoods.

Two men standing next to each other in front of a building.

“We are very happy with all of the progress made! All of the repairs have made my life a lot easier, especially all of the work in the bathroom. Rebuilding Together made great suggestions that have improved our lives. The improved lighting and handrail to downstairs are very helpful. Everyone was very personable and it really felt like we got to know the volunteers and staff. Stars all over!”

“The repairs have been absolutely wonderful. The hood over the stove that made so much noise has been replaced. I can close my bathroom door for privacy. The front door has also been fixed so it closes properly. I feel so grateful for the work that has been done. The staff has been wonderful working with me and negotiating with me to get the repairs done. I’m perfectly thrilled!”

E. Dyson, Ingleside Neighborhood

During last year’s storms, A.G.’s back sliding back door shattered and she realized her windows were leaking, causing damage to the walls beneath them. To prevent this worsening during the next winter storms, RTSF replaced the sliding door and sealed the windows. Additionally, we repaired the walls below the windows and installed a step into her backyard so that she could access it safely. This winter, A.G. was confident there would be no water intrusion into her home.

A. Gleaves, Sunnydale Neighborhood

In 2023, RTSF primarily served residents in San Francisco:

A logo of rebuilding together san francisco-With an average income of $21,000

-71 years old average age

-Have lived in their homes for 32 years

– Live in multigenerational homes

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